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The Courses

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{TIP: This is the Cadillac of courses!}

Comprehensive Review Package

$260/month, unlimited access

This all-in-one package includes every course I offer: Crash Course, In-Depth Diagnosis Course, and In-Depth Pharmacology Course.

  • 16+ hours of content
  • Full review of 250+ topics
    100 practice questions with video explanations
  • 15 pop quizzes — one after each course video
  • Video about non-clinical content/the professional role of the NP
  • Video for managing test anxiety
    In-depth teaching about 250+ drugs and 20+ heavily tested diagnoses
  • Geriatric video
  • Video all about need-to-know lab work
  • This course now comes with the 100+ page Crash Course study guide!
{TIP: Start here}

Crash Course

$100/month, unlimited access

This course is a wonderful guide to figure out where you need to study further. Taking your test soon? I designed this course with you in mind. It’s in a Q&A format — quiz yourself as you go!

  • 7+ hours of video covering 200+ topics
  • 100 practice questions with video explanations
  • 6 pop quizzes — one after each course video
  • An extra non-clinical video for both ANCC and AANP
  • Video to help you manage pre-test anxiety and stress during your exam
  • This course now comes with the 100+ page Crash Course study guide!
[TIP: Perfect if you’re still in school}

In-Depth Diagnosis Review

$90/month, unlimited access

You’ll need to know these topics for your board exam, but they’re also helpful to know as you practice.

  • ~ 4 hours of content
  • Covers each major body system!
  • 4 pop quizzes — one after each course video
  • Separate geriatric video as this population is so pertinent to the exam
  • Video about need-to-know lab work
{TIP: Pharmacology is more important than you think.}

In-Depth Pharmacology Review

$90/month, unlimited access

You’ll need a strong foundation in pharmacology for both your exam and your future practice. Get the basics you need in this quick (but comprehensive) review.

  • ~ 4 hours of content
  • Covers 250+ drugs!
  • Focuses on the highlights of each drug class
  • 1-hour pharmacology quiz with video explanations
  • 5 pop quizzes — one after each course video
[TIP: Looking for hands-on help? I’ve got you.]

NEW! Live Study Sessions

$600 for 4 weeks

If the self-directed route isn’t for you, add a little more structure to your exam prep with my LIVE study sessions!

  • 2 biweekly study sessions (Sundays from 2–6 p.m. Eastern on Zoom)
    Unlimited advanced Q&A
  • 5 weeks access to Comprehensive Review course
  • One-time access to the pre-assessment quiz
  • Dedicated study plan with a day-by-day schedule
  • Access to a private Slack channel with daily practice questions and guided discussions — hosted by Sarah Michelle and her team of board certified nurse practitioners!

Not sure where to start?

Whew, that’s a lot! If you’re still undecided on what you need, take my $30 pre-assessment quiz to discover the areas you need to target most during this crucial study period.

The quiz has 70 questions (if you are an AGNP student, skip the pediatric questions at the end). After completing the exam, you will be able to see the correct answers for any questions you missed.

NOTE: You will be able to access this content just once after purchase, and you must complete the exam in one sitting. Please do not purchase this exam until you’re ready to take it!

Stop stressing — and start studying smarter!